Smoked Pizza on the FEC 100

Friday night again and it’s Pizza time!

Starting with a sourdough crust and letting it rise overnite in the refrigerator, it comes out of the frig about 2PM on Friday afternoon.   I go out to the FEC, put in the pizza stone, which is a 1 1/4″ thick slab of soapstone and fire up the FEC and set the controller to 425 degrees.

I know from past cooks that it takes about two hours for the oven to reach at least 350 degrees, which is where I put in the crust for the first bake. I don’t want to mislead you as to the time required to reach 350 degrees.   Without the heavy soapstone in place, the FEC can reach 350 degrees in a very short time.  However, placing this kind of mass on the bottom shelf really adds a load to the thermal mass within the confines of the FEC.  This is perfectly normal and to be expected.  The brick pizza and  bread ovens can take 24 hours to come up to temp.  It’s a matter of BTU’s and thermal mass.  The FEC is designed to be most efficient with a load that is evenly spaced and without a doubt, a 50 Pound piece of soapstone on the bottom shelf is NOT an even load.


The FEC is runing about 380 now that the first bake has been completed.  Taking the Pizza crust back into the kitchen, it’s time for the fixin’s and then back into the oven..


With the oven @ 380, the final bake takes about 20 minutes with a pizza this thick.  Finally, it’s done!


Time to eat!



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