Smoked Andouille Sausage

A cool and rainy weekend is due here in MN, so thought it would be a great weekend for some sausage making.   I picked up two packages of pork butts from Sams with the intent of making a 25 pound batch of Andouille sausage.  After deboning, double grinding, mixing, drying the casing, they went into the FEC100 for four hours on smoke.  These are a cured sausage using DQ cure #1, so the slow smoke is no problem.  The rods I’m using were made from 3/4 aluminum tubing.  I simply cut them to size with a notch on each end.


After 4 hours of smoking, they looked like this:


Internal temp at this point was about 80 degrees, so time to crank things up a bit.  I turned up the FEC to 180 degrees for the finish.   We want the internal temp on the Sausage to hit 160 degrees.  After another 5 hours, they had reached temp.


Pork butts in the AM, fully cooked and smoked Andouille in the evening.


These are going to make for some mighty fine eating this winter.



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