My Bradley Smoker

When I bought the Bradley Smoker at retail, I thought it was the cat’s meow!  Having tried many, many others along the way, this one appeared to offer everything that I would dream of having.

It arrived and sad to say, the heating element was broken, but the vendor shipped me a new one immediately…

Ok.. I’m a happy camper now…. ready to fire up this bad boy…

Seasoned it with a first cook and we’re off!…. First cook was wonderful!.. Everything worked as advertised.

Next cook, the bisquette feeder kept feeding all the bisquettes into the water pan… $20.00 bucks down the drain.  Bradley shipped me the new microswitch at no charge which I installed…  Two hours later I was off and running again…


A few more cooks and everything is wonderful!… This Bradley Smoker really does work!..

A few more cooks and the gasket is melting….but being inventive, I take a long wood clamp and clamp the door shut which does work, but watch your forehead as you walk by.


A few more cooks and I need a lot of bisquettes!… This thing burns 3 bisquettes an hour!….  I bought $400.00 worth plus shipping…..  several boxes arrive in chips….  I complain and Bradley ships me a couple boxes at no charge…  Very good customer service..

Now that I have the clamp in place and lots of bisquettes, I’m ready to rock and roll again…

A few more cooks and now the damn feeder on the Bradley Smoker isn’t feeding the bisquettes…. After a call to Bradley, they tell me the feeder mechanism needs to be cleaned…. and you need to take apart the feeder to do this….  When I take apart the feeder, the entire section is filled with chips….

I cleaned the feeder and all worked fine again… off to the races!….   A few more cooks and I’m out of bisquettes again….. spend another $400.00 on bisquetttes……

Keep smoking!… 1/2 way thru this last batch of bisquettes (while keeping the door closed with a clamp)… the damn door broke off!……. Lousy Bradley Smoker !brad5

Look at the HUGE hinge pin they use on the Bradley Smoker ..


I bought an FEC100 at retail…….  Cheaper than a Bradley Smoker  in the long run…

The bisquette price will kill you if you buy a Bradley Smoker….  and you better have the tools and knowledge to fix this piece of junk…

The initial price of what you pay is NOT the total cost…. buy a Cookshack and you’ll never regret it.


PS… I intend to post pictures at some point, but I’m still damn irritated with the Bradley product.  I may drive over it with my Bobcat first. Ok.. added the pics….. Then I threw it out.

PPS… somewhere along the route the bisquette heater didn’t work..  Bradley shipped me a new one at no charge…  but again, I had to install it myself.

A couple final pictures…. then make up your own mind as to how well built the Bradley Smoker isn’t.




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