Labor day weekend Cook!

After thoroughly cleaning the FEC in preparation for the big cook I’m now ready to get things going. ( Cleaning the Smoker ) Starting Friday evening, I placed my pizza stone ( 40# 1 1/4 Soapstone)  in the FEC on the lowest rack and fired the oven.  After initial warmup @ 180, I cranked it to 425.  With the pizza stone in place, it takes about 2 hours for the internal temp and the stone to reach 380-400 degrees F.  I then proceeded to cook our normal Friday nite pizza.

You can read about it here..Pizza on the FEC

Anyway, this was just a warm up for a long weekend of FEC smokin’ and cookin’!   Saturday morning, bright and early, I started the first 1/2 of the ribs and the 2 Sirloin tip roasts.


After this first batch was done, I reloaded the smoker with the brisket and pork butts for an overnite cook.  Rain was expected!… Radar didn’t look good…. so being very inventive, I placed a trash bag over the pellet hopper and electronics. Used a zip lock bag for the Maverick ET-73, which is a wireless remote smoker thermometer with TWO probes.  One for the smoker and one for the meat. Refired the FEC, set it to smoke….  two hours later, turned up the heat to 225%… and it started to rain and rain and rain.  Every now and then I’d take a look and all was fine…. Taking the remote receiver with me as I hit the pillow…. crossing my fingers….. that the cook would do fine.. as there was no time to redo the butts or the brisket…..


Woke up before the alarm, checked the ET-73 remote and all was fine..  Internal temp @ 220 in the smoker and about 180 for the meat!    First on the agenda was to wrap the brisket in foil and check the hopper…   Checked the rain gauge too… 3 1/2 inches overnite!  Hopper still had lots of pellets…  basted the butts.  Now we wait….. guests will start arriving in about 10 hours.

Two hours later, the meat was ready!  Brisket into the frig and pulled the butts which went into the roaster.   Reloaded the FEC with the last 1/2 of ribs, 20 pounds of pork loin and the 20 pounds of chicken, set it on smoke for two hours and then cranked it to 225.  Raining off and on again all morning….  Basted the ribs and chicken a few times with some good sauces.   Everything worked perfectly.. Ribs and chicken were done to perfection with about an hour to spare.


The FEC had run non-stop for 36 hours plus the 3 hours on Friday evening.   All on one load of pellets….  If you’ve ever used a stick burner and tried to cook pork Butt and brisket, you know it’s a long hot job.   Gotta watch those temps all the time..  The FEC just goes and goes…

It pays to have TWO ET-73’s….  Somewhere along the way on Sunday, I knocked over my ziplock bag and it filled with water…  ET transmitter was totally dead….

Happy Smokin!



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