Cleaning the Smoker

Over the Labor Day weekend each year, we have a gathering and its Q time!  This year, we’re expecting about 120 people.  The FEC will be used to cook 1 case of ribs (50 pounds), 4 pork butts (30 lbs),  4 briskets (40 pounds) 2 sirloin tip roasts (25 pounds), 4 chickens (20 pounds) and 2 pork loins (20 pounds).  Yeah, I know it’s too much meat for 120 people… but hey!   I love the leftovers!

I use a liquid commercial degreaser from Sams Club, as it’s quick, easy and far less expensive and toxic than the oven cleaners in spray cans.  I remove the racks, the grease pan, the rack supports and the drip system which are all cleaned in a stainless steel commercial sink.

After removing all this from the interior, I then remove all the old aluminum foil, vacuum out the pellet burner pot and the ashes from the interior floor of the FEC.  Spray the entire interior with a generous amount of degreaser, close and latch the door.  Let this brew sit for about 20 minutes and then take the hose and spray down the interior.  This will usually clean up 90%. The remaining 10% is rubbed down with a 3M scotch brite pad and resprayed with the degreaser.   Let air dry following a thorough rinse.

Now it’s time to put in the foil, followed by all the interior components. Here is how it looks.


You can read about and see how the cook worked here: Labor day weekend Cook!



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